Early 2019

Early 2019


My name is Alexis, I’m a 26 year old Freelance Entertainment Strategist, and you’re probably already thinking; ‘ok well what does that exactly entail?’

After growing up my entire life in Atlanta, Georgia I relocated to Washington, DC to attend Howard University as a Communications Major. As a student I used my independence and curiosity as a primary learning opportunity to gain experiences off campus that allowed me to discover a multitude of skillsets and areas of interest beyond my imagination.

I stayed busy.

I realized ways in which I could expanded career opportunities and network while simultaneously working at a sneaker store and rental car start-up…

I learned the basics of event production and marketing through internships and volunteer opportunities…

I built relationships within the music community as a videographer and writer…

It has been no linear feat.

Each and every experience added to my growth as a professional. I’ve continued to maintain that mindset, because no matter how small or challenging the job, I can always refer to a past experience as a lead, or source of inspiration towards something better ultimately preparing me for my ever evolving life as a freelancer.

Nearing 5 years post-grad, it is still hard to place an exact title of “what I do,” but collectively my roles have strengthened me as a logistical and administrative professional in entertainment. In the past year alone I have helped produce multiple 30,000+ attendee music festivals, and have served as a Tour Manager for a major recording artist. More the anything, I have passion for the music business and its cross cultural integration and influence.